F-Series 3D Measurement Industrial Videoscope | Remote Visual Inspection Borescop

Product Specification:
CategoriesMeasuring Endoscopes
SensorHD image sensor
ResolutionHD 1000000 pixels
Working length2m/3m, customized
MaterialAbrasion-resistant alloy
Bending angle≤150°
Update TimeMay 6,2023
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Product Description

F-Series Industrial Videoscopes are cutting-edge inspection tools, to visualize and capture images and videos of scarcely-to-reach places like inside engines, pipes, machinery, aviation parts, and other industrial inspection. It is attributed with, LED lighting, high-resolution F-Series cameras, interchangeable probe, and flexible arm. Our company is offering it to industries such as automotive, aviation, and manufacturing for quality control, maintenance, and troubleshooting purposes at a budget-friendly price range.