TU Series UV Videoscope/ Industrial Endoscope/ Joystick Videoscope

Product Specification:
CategoriesCustomized Borescopes
Probe Diameter(mm)Φ6
Camera Pixels1,000,000
Image Resolution1280×720
Video Resolution1280×720
Viewing Directionfront view
Light SourceRear-mounted optic fiber cold UV+White source
Update TimeMay 6,2023
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Product Description

A TU Series UV Light Videoscope is a high-tech tool used for non-destructive testing and inspection in various industries. This device combines the latest camera technology with the power of UV light to capture high-quality images and videos of difficult-to-reach areas that are not visible to the naked eye. It is designed to provide fast and accurate inspection of various components, structures, and systems, without the need for disassembly or dismantling.

Components: UV light source, a flexible shaft, and an LCD display. All components work prominently in detailing the pipeline, engine, weld, aircraft, and other constructive spare parts.