K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope

Product Specification:
CategoriesAviation Borescopes
Probe diameter(mm)1.0/1.8/2.2/2.8/3.8/4.2/6.0/8.0
Effective work length1m-5m
Camera Pixels1000000 pixels
Image/video resolution1920x1080
DOF(mm)10-100 20-120/5-50 10-100
Articulation360° all way
Bending angle210° big angle bending
Light sourceLED/ fiber
Update TimeMay 6,2023
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Product Description

In industrial and professional inspection, K Series Motor-driven HD Videoscope is a cutting-edge inspection tool. It is equipped with powerful motor-driven functionality, that provides precise control over the camera probe's articulation. Its attributes such as HD imaging make visual clarity, ergonomic design for intuitive controls and effortless handling, and integrated LED illumination system provides dark spaces effectively. Apart from all this, it is attributed with various properties, buy it for getting excellent quality of result in an inspection.