T35H Series Mega Pixels Industrial Endoscope/ 4 Way Articulating Borescope/ 6mm Video Endoscope

Product Specification:
CategoriesIndustrial Videoscopes
Probe Diameter(mm)Φ3.8mm/ Φ6.0mm
Camera Pixels1,000,000
Light SourceLED (optional: optic fiber)
IlluminanceIt can be up to 20,000 Lx/100,000 Lx
Articulation360° joystick control
Bending AngleMaximun:190°(8m tube:100°)
Update TimeMay 6,2023
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Product Description

The T35H series video endoscope, advanced diagnostic tool wholesale by our companies to industries like automotive, aviation, manufacturing, construction, and engineering. These video scopes are designed to inspect areas like engines, pipelines, and turbines, providing mega pixels-resolution images and video footage. Connect us for getting it at the bulk amount in the perfect packaging source.

The features of the T35H series Videoscopes include a high-quality camera with adjustable LED lighting, a flexible insertion tube, a large color display, video and image capture, digital zoom, a control unit with advanced software, and a durable, ergonomic design. Its attributes are detailed completely which helps in selecting a better article for industrial use.