T51X Series 2.2mm 4-Way Articulating Videoscope, Remote Visual Inspection Borescope

Product Specification:
CategoriesIndustrial Videoscopes
Probe Diameter(mm)Φ2.2/Φ2.4/Φ2.8/Φ3.8/Φ6
Camera Pixels300,000/1,000,000
Image Resolution640×480/1280×720
Video Resolution640×480/1280×720
Light SourceFront ceramic light/ Rear-mounted optic fiber cold
IlluminanceMaximum: 50000+Lx 1~9 levels adjustable light
Tube Length1.5m/3.0m/5.0m/30m (customized for other length)
FOB portShenzhen
Terms of PaymentD/P, Western Union, T/T
Update TimeMay 6,2023
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Product Description

The TT51X Series Videoscopes serve as top-notch inspection devices that cater to the needs of professionals who demand precise visual inspections in challenging-to-reach locations. These tools incorporate a high-resolution camera and a flexible, waterproof insertion tube capable of bending up to 180 degrees, enabling users to scrutinize inaccessible areas. The TT51X series inspection Borescope offer several models, each featuring distinct specifications that meet diverse inspection requirements.

Working of TT51X Series Videoscopes:

The videoscopes operate through the utilization of a high-definition camera that captures images and videos of the inspection area. The camera is connected to a flexible insertion tube that can easily navigate into cramped spaces and corners. The images taken by the camera are exhibited on a high-quality display screen, enabling the user to carry out real-time inspections of the area. Additionally, the videoscope can save videos and images for later analysis.

TT51X Series Videoscopes Components: HD Camera, Insertion tube, Screen, Battery, Carrying Case, Cleaning Kit.